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Total Number of Presets44
Specialist PresetsVocal Focus, Cinematic Crowd, Live Music Inside, Natural Air, Warm
Natural Analogue, Live Music
Outside, Control Loud Sources,
Vocal DeEsser, Subtle Dialogue
Focus, Loudness Energy, Immersive
Installation PDFYes
Quick Guide PDFYes
Free Online SupportYes
Instant DownloadYes
sfpreset for Vegas Pro

sfpreset included in v1.0. Vocal Focus, Cinematic Crowd, Wider, Warmer, Brighter, Louder, Less harsh, Room Reverb Remover, Less Boxy Mids, Less Nasal Mids, Cinematic Crowd, Mono to Stereo Warm Sound Stage, Vocal DeEsser, Natural Vocal DeEsser, Less Boom, Less Bass, Bassier, Live Music Outside, Control Loud Sources, Immersive Widener, Live Music Inside, Loudness Energy, Natural Air, Subtle Vocal Focus, Broadcast Vocal, Distant Tannoy, Immersive Widener Cathedral, Immersive Widener Hall, Factory, Retro Tape Recorder, Dark room, Dialogue Room Replacer, Ear to the Wall, Exhibition Hall, Monotone Pilot, Place of Worship, Tame Harshness, Tame Room Boominess, Train Station, Museum, Dome, Warm Natural Analogue sfpreset  Read More