It’s all about technique..

  • Dynamic loudness maximisation
  • Customised multi-band compression – ARC, Manual, Warm, Aggressive
  • Waves Linear Phase EQ
  • Phase and Mono Compatibility
  • Brickwall, Soft Limit, Stereo and Mid-Side Limiting, Peak detection, HF limit, Clipper
  • Characteristic comp emulations such as SSL master bus, API 2500, G+ Console, dbx
  • Vintage convolution compression emulations based on:
    • API 2500 stereo mastering compressor
    • Avalon VT737SP valve channel strip
    • Dbx 160S compressor/limiter
    • Fairchild Model 670
    • Manley Slam!
    • Joemeek SC2 compressor
    • Neve 2254/A dual/stereo compressor/limiter
    • Neve 33609/B dual/stereo compressor/limiter
    • SSL SL4000 G+ console compressor
    • SSL SL510 5000-series dynamics module
    • Urei 1176LN mono limiting amplifier

Quality Mastering for Low Budget Projects

With 6 years experience mastering grass-roots bands, solo artists and producers in Berlin we’ve built up a formidable reputation as a powerful creative force which, along with our affordable price and great sound, empowers musicians embarking on very low budget projects. Many of our mastering projects come through by word of mouth and personal recommendations, which is testament to our professionalism, creativity and the thing our clients hold up the highest – our quality sound. We’re affordable because we know that it’s make or break for many producers, artists and grass-roots bands. We work openly and passionately with 24/7 support, project guidance, creative feedback and unlimited multi-format delivery until you are completely satisfied with the final master.

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Audio Samples

Shawn Caselle, Phase4, King Kuiper, RodeoFM Bastler, Ein toter Dichter, Calmdown, Sliced Fiction, Veganosaurus Rex, Hesse, Anne Haight, WHSKS, Blue Leg, Declan Guckian.