audio presets for DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere and Vegas Pro

We have LUTs for different looks why not presets for different scenes?
Andy – White Rabbit Dev

Vocal Focus, Wind Noise Reduction, Cinematic Crowd, Street Noise Reduction, Broadcast Vocal, Room Reverb Remover, Live Music Inside, Live Music Outside, Warm Sound Stage, Vocal DeEsser, Tame Harshness, Control Loud Sources, Tame Room Boom, Immersive Widener, Loudness Energy, Natural Air, Subtle Broadcast Vocal, Wider, Warmer, Brighter, Louder, Less harsh, Less Boxy Mids, Less Nasal Mids, Less Boom, Less Bass, Bassier, Distant Tannoy, Immersive Widener Cathedral, Immersive Widener Hall, Factory, Retro Tape Recorder, Dark room, Dialogue Room Replacer, Ear to the Wall, Exhibition Hall, Monotone Pilot, Place of Worship, Train Station, Museum, Dome, Warm Natural Analogue

Scene Specific Audio Presets

We have LUTs for different looks why not audio presets for different scenes? Audio presets tailored to specific scene audio, meticulously tested on a huge range of recorded footage with state of the art monitoring. Filmmakers and videographers now have instant access to open architecture, fully customisable drag and drop presets in post

These are very carefully crafted presets. I can intuitively shape audio in realtime. Brilliant – Alex Mack

Stackable Audio Correction Tools

Stackable tools shape audio in seconds. We want positive incremental changes when cleaning up and sweetening audio. Audio Correction tools are stackable so those with little audio knowledge can quickly tame harsh street sounds, control loud bangs and crowds, warm up cold dialogue recordings and reduce the muddy boom of onboard DSLR mics

Less Boom + Warmer + Warmer + Brighter + Louder = Better Audio ~ 5sec

Just drop in a preset, tweak it a little according to your specific needs and voilà! – Rolling Media Productions

Vocal Focus. Wind Noise Reduction. Cinematic Crowd

Open architecture presets crafted to specific scenes. Vocal Focus brings impact and clarity to dialogue, Cinematic Crowd deepens, thickens and widens the stereo sound stage, Room Reverb Reducer dynamically removes echo and reverb, Reduce Street Noise tames traffic noise, wind and unwanted hiss, Live Music Outdoors punches in the bass, cleans up rough boxy frequencies and brings vocals forward, Wind Noise Reduction controls wind noise dynamically in real-time and many more

Your audio plugin pack it’s an absolute game-changer – Eduardo Villalobos

Rich Environment Effects for Film and Video

Special Effects Presets have been crafted with over 6 years of sound design experience at hand into rich, dynamic effects. Both rife with creative potential and with a bold, modern sound Retro Tape Recorder to Station Tannoy, Monotone Pilot to Immersive Cathedral, Heavy Broadcast Vocal to Dome, Ear to the Wall to Warm Natural Analogue and many more

These are some great presets and I especially like the Vocal Focus. I basically use it on all my dialog – ThisGuyEdits

An Essential Add-On Pack

Audio Preset correction tools

All interchangeable and stackable in numerous combinations streamlining audio processing in post, plugging audio knowledge gaps, expanding audio/video integration, speeding up workflow and creating more headspace for what Filmmakers and Videographers do best –  Shoot video

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